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An unplanned disruption can impact your business at any time. If caught unprepared, this experience could become a catastrophe with potential lives, property, and losses on the line. Successful businesses that take steps to build a disaster plan and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) program have the ability to survive and thrive after a disaster. This can be you.

Recent history has shown us that local agencies will be overwhelmed by events, requiring the private sector to be self-sufficient as first responders are attending to other priorities. Your customers, employees, the community, and also government, are relying on you to be operational with your products and services. Will you be there?

This video shares the story of a business that was hit by a flood, the assistance available, how they recovered, and many key tips to prepare. (Courtesy U.S. Small Business Administration)


Here you will find the simple steps to advance your company’s readiness for any disaster, whether natural or man-made. Each of these site elements will become part of your disaster plan – the core of any BCP program. The goal is to increase your business’s resilience through measures that have been incorporated into your everyday operations as part of your best practices – since disasters can strike without warning.

Also, while this business section will cover preparedness for the workplace, it also highlights the importance of your workforce’s readiness at home so they will be able to keep your company’s doors open.

By following the information here, your plan will outline how your company is going to protect your operations, people, equipment, data, and brand, ensuring that your company is as prepared as possible for the hazards it is most likely to face. Visit each section to learn how to protect these key aspects of your business.

Rather than do nothing and take chances, you will be much better prepared by taking the steps outlined here. The alternative scenario is depicted in the video below. Don't let this be your business.

Success Stories

Goodyear – After a disaster they are working on lessons learned to implement 5 steps that will strengthen their supply chain.


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