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For parents, a primary concern in the early minutes or hours of a disaster will be learning about the status of their children. CRCOG encourages families with children in the Hartford Capitol Region to get ready for all types of emergencies by following these three steps:



To ensure that your emergency plan accommodates any unique needs your family may have, consider what special equipment, goods, or services you might need in the event of a disaster. This includes items that would allow you to evacuate (if necessary), survive for three or more days on your own, shelter-in-place, and more.


Below we provide some special considerations for families with children to ensure your plan, Disaster Supply Kit, and Baby Emergency Kit accommodate all of your critical needs.


  • Learn about school disaster communication plans and childcare emergency plans and ensure that you are able to receive any specific warning and update information issued by your child's school.
  • Be sure that the school has multiple ways to reach you or an alternate contact in the event that you cannot be reached. Schools may use their website, text messaging, phone trees, or other methods to communicate with parents.
  • Identify alternative options for childcare if schools and/or daycare centers are closed.
  • Talk to your children about the possibility of a disaster. Reassure them that even if these events occur, the family will work together to solve problems. Children should understand all aspects of the plan that pertain to them, including communication, evacuation, and reunification.


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