Get Capital Region Ready

Be Aware.Plan.Prepare.


Disaster preparedness actions are taken in advance of an emergency or disaster to ensure you and your family are able to respond and recover from a variety of disaster events.

The goals of disaster preparedness include:


  • Knowing what to before, during, and after a disaster strikes
  • Knowing how to do what needs to be done, and
  • Being equipped with the right information and tools to do it effectively


Disaster preparedness not only helps you prepare for the major hazards described on this website, but also helps you be ready to respond to any emergency you encounter, no matter how small or large.


When a disaster happens, emergency services may not be able to provide you with assistance for up to – and possibly exceeding – 72 hours after the event. By taking time to prepare for disasters, you empower yourself, and in many respects, become a first responder for those around you.


To ensure that you and your family are prepared, take steps to build a kit, read the Hazard Prep Checklists and safeguard your valuables.

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