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Functional Needs

In the context of emergency management, to say a person has a “functional need" implies that the person, given the availability and effectiveness of their individual support systems, can comfortably and safely function under usual circumstances. However, that person’s ability to comfortably and safely function may be challenged during or after an emergency, if their individual support systems are unavailable or ineffective. Functional needs populations include individuals with physical, sensory, or intellectual disabilities; people with mental health issues; children; people who are elderly; persons’ whose primary language is something other than English; individuals medically or chemically dependent; people geographically and culturally isolated; people who are homeless; people who do not drive; and others, all of whom may experience functional needs in an emergency.


CRCOG encourages those with functional needs in the Hartford Capitol Region to get ready for all types of emergencies by following these three steps:



To ensure that your emergency plan accommodates any unique needs you may have, consider what special equipment, goods, or services you might need in the event of a disaster.  This includes items that would allow you to evacuate (if necessary), survive for three or more days on your own, shelter-in-place, and more.

Below we provide links to checklists of special considerations for those with a range of functional needs to ensure that your plan and Disaster Supply Kit accommodate all of your critical needs in a disaster situation.


Emergency Planning Checklists for Individuals with:


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